SugaR Loaf, NY

62 Kings Highway Bypass

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join us for our first annual fall fest!
saturday, 9/25 from 11a-10PM
featuring live music by
uncle shoehorn (1-4Pm) and them bones (6-9PM)
and boozy italian ices by ice capps! 

 4:00pm-9:00pm (kitchen opens at 4pm) 
trivia at 6:00pm every thursday!
Friday 2:00pm -10:00pm (kitchen opens at 2pm) 
saturday 11:00am-10:00pm (kitchen opens at noon) 
sunday 11:00am-7:00pm (kitchen opens at 11Am)
Last kitchen Order 1 hour prior to closing time.

we do not accept reservations. carpooling is greatly appreciated.
we also carry a limited selection of ny state hard cider and wine. currently, we do not fill growlers.

New can Releases

jasper’s juicebox

Our first collab with @fidensbrewing. Hopped with Citra, Strata, Citra, Strata and more Citra, this hazy New England Triple IPA is deadly delicious. Jasper can handle the juice. Can you? 9.2%

1 CASE (6x4-packs) LIMIT PER PERSON/$20.35/4-Pack (plus tax)

Releasing Saturday 9/18, at 11AM

Peach Berry Pie

Peach Harvest is here again! Time to bake some pie. This Fruited Sour Ale has a perfect balance between sweet and tart. And, with a beautiful melody of Yellow Peaches, Fresh Strawberries and Rhubarb, it will leave you salivating for more. You can have your pie and drink it too. 6.2%

$18.50/4-Pack (plus tax)

Releasing Saturday 9/18, at 11AM

available cans:

Melted Gelato II

Mango Tangerine Banana

The second in our newest Triple Fruited Series. Picture yourself walking down the old stone streets of Florence on a summer day with a freshly scooped gelato. You can’t eat it fast enough as it fights the warm Italian sun and drips down your fingers. Packed with real mango, bananas, and tangerines this gelato in a can is velvety rich and tastes like it just came out of a homemade Gelateria in Italy.

Must be REFRIDGERATED at all times or cans may burst! Flip and roll can before opening. 1 Case/Person Limit. 5.0% Lactose Free.

$23.12/4-pack (plus tax)

Queen jams

We invited @brixcitybrewing over to help us jam pack this Triple New England IPA with superfluous amounts of Citra and Mosaic. It’s fluffy mouthfeel has major flavors of orange citrus and notes of mango, passionfruit, and blueberries. Come Jam with the Queen! 9.4%

$20.35/4-Pack (plus tax)

juiceissippi Queen

This Triple New England IPA is an absolute Mountain of flavor featuring Nelson Sauvin, one of our new favorites, and Citra, simply the juiciest hop ever. If Citra brings the juice, then Nelson adds a punch of strong gooseberry, white grape, and melon. At 9.4%, she will satisfy the greediest hop appetites. Juiceissippi Queen, she taught me everything . . .

9.4% $20.35/4-Pack (plus tax)

Beer For My Horses

“When the hop dust settles we'll sing a victory tune

We'll all meet back at the local saloon

And we'll raise up our glasses against evil forces singing

Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.” - TK

New England IPA hopped with Citra, Strata, and Experimental 10416. Because horses like IPAs. 7.8%

$18.50/4-Pack (plus tax)

Fruit Snacks

Is this sour ale made out of real fruits or gummy bears? We’re not sure... and we don’t care! Peach, apricot, mango, strawberry, raspberry and mixed berry — so many fruit flavors we’ve got our fruit intake covered for the day! It’s like eating an entire package of fruit snacks at once. Fruited Sour Ale 5.6%

$20.35/4-Pack (plus tax)

queen citra

This hazy juicy triple IPA is kettle hopped with Citra, biohopped with Citra, and triple dry hopped with Citra. She is the queen of the juice! And this queen reigns supreme. 9.3%

$18.50/4-Pack (Plus Tax)

Please keep all beers cold and enjoy them fresh. 

Last Updated 09/17/2021 at 4:00PM 

live music at tin barn brewinG

Reach out to if you're interested in performing!

Live Music Schedule 

Friday 9/17- Wood Hippie 6-8:30PM

Sunday 9/19- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 2-5PM

Friday 9/24- Carly and the Confessions 6-8:30PM

Saturday 9/25- Uncle Shoehorn 1-4PM

Saturday 9/25- Them Bones 6-9PM

Sunday 9/26- Moonshine Creek Bluegrass Band 2-5PM

Friday 10/1- Sons of Hudson 6-8:30PM

Sunday 10/3- Tangent 2-5PM

Friday 10/8- Fermenters Trio 6-8:30PM

Saturday 10/9- Hurley Mountain Highway 2-5PM

We are dog friendly in our outdoor space! Dogs must be leashed at all times.

No dogs allowed inside the Tasting Room.

Our Upper Deck is age 18+ and no dogs allowed. Dogs are welcome in our lower outside area.


We reserve the right to refuse any party buses and/or groups.

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Kitchen Menu

Pretzel – Large Bavarian Pretzel served with dipping mustard                                                       9.00


Pretzel – With House Made Beer Cheese                                                                                                   12.00


Nachos – Tortilla chips topped with nacho cheese, Pico de Gallo, sour cream, and jalapenos           10.00


Brisket Nachos - Chips, 12 hr. Brisket w/ nacho cheese, Pico de Gallo, sour cream, and jalapenos 15.00          


Fresh Cut French Fries – Fried in canola oil, sprinkled with sea salt                                                   7.00


Truffle Fries – Fresh cut fries topped with white truffle oil, sea salt, and Parmesan cheese              10.00


Sweet Potato Fries – Fried in Canola Oil and sprinkled with sea salt                                                8.00


Brisket Sandwich– 12-hour brisket, coleslaw on brioche bun with side of BBQ sauce and pickles   15.00

Add fries +3


Poutine – (pü-ˈtēn) A dish of French fries covered with brown gravy and cheese curds.


      Classic Poutine – Fresh cut fries smothered with house made beef gravy and cheddar cheese curds. 12.00


      Beef and Bleu – Fresh cut fries smother with house made beef gravy, cheddar cheese curds, 12-hour  

                                        brisket, blue cheese and caramelized onions 15.00


*We do not use any Peanut Oil for frying but we do prepare foods on surfaces that have come in contact with nuts

Our pizzas are baked in our Italian Dome Oven at extremely high heat. The crust should be slightly crispy, chewy and a bit charred.


Classic Cheese* – Tomato sauce with shredded mozzarella and pecorino romano cheese


Margherita Pizza* – tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil


Pepperoni - Tomato sauce with sliced pepperoni, shredded mozzarella and pecorino romano cheese


The Shelburne - tomato sauce base, mozzarella cheese, peppadew peppers and pepperoni


Sweet Italian Sausage - Tomato sauce with sweet Italian sausage, shredded mozzarella and pecorino romano cheese


Butcher Shop - Tomato sauce with sweet Italian sausage, pepperoni, sliced meatballs, shredded mozzarella and pecorino romano cheese


Sliced Meatball – Tomato sauce with sliced meatballs, shredded mozzarella and pecorino romano cheese




Garlic Cheesy Bread * – Olive oil with herbs, shredded mozzarella and pecorino romano


Five Cheese  – Herbed ricotta base with mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, and romano


Kalamata Olive *- Herbed ricotta base with mozzarella, pecorino romano, kalamata olives and red onion


The Forager* - Herbed ricotta base with sauteed mushrooms, mozzarella, pecorino romano and drizzled white truffle oil


Blue Ribbon Pig – Herbed ricotta base with crumbled bacon, caramelized onions, mozzarella and blue cheese


Caesar Salad Pizza – Garlic cheesy bread topped with mixed green, Parmesan flakes, and a Caesar Dressing drizzle.


*Vegan-ize it with Daiya Shredded Vegan Mozzarella!  +$4.00


     We can also make most of our menu Vegan/Dairy-free by omitting cheese/meat.

Gluten free crust is available upon request.

Last Order is 1 Hour Before Closing Time. Thank you!




62 Kings Highway Bypass

Chester, N.Y. 10918
Tel: TBA

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